Let's add Face workouts straight in your daily routine and take the first step to live your most confident life with face yoga!

How does Face Yoga work?

Face Yoga is a STOP sign to aging process. Face Yoga has a major impact on the elasticity and tone of your face – giving it that healthy, youthful look. You significantly improve your blood circulation and activate more than 40 muscles on your face. The best thing about it is that you can do Face Yoga practically anywhere and anytime – in the morning while still in bed, at work in front of your PC or while doing any kind of physical activity. Even restaurant bathroom could make for a perfect workout location when your friend is running late for dinner. The only requirement is – correct posture and clean hands; and make sure to spread the exercises out, taking a few breaths to let your face and body deeply relax between each move.


Activates, tones and lifts up, gives volume, strengthens and relaxes.


Improves blood circulation and completely eliminates wrinkles.


Lowers your heart rate, blood pressure, improves circulation, forces more oxygen into your cells, as well as reduces stress and anxiety level. You’ve probably heard this saying, ‘Just take a deep breath and calm down’. With Face Yoga it really works!


Boosts energy level and improves your well-being.



It was super simple to follow the daily workout sessions on The Simple Face Yoga website, because I could watch the videos wherever and whenever I had a chance – be it on my smartphone or a laptop. I would make sure I had a mirror tool ON and would repeat the moves as I watched the videos.
Some moves were a bit challenging, but some were really easy. I could do some them while walking along the street without people noticing that I was doing face workouts. Now I have so many poses and exercises to choose from! I have in mind one for each occasion. And even when I forget some bits even after the program, I can always go back to ‘My routine’ folder and refresh my memory or check my saved or printed PDF’s.


My biggest challenge was to relax my left side, neck and shoulders. Natural face lift with the tongue helped a lot. After relaxation i was doing forehead freeze, eye flex, big o, wow, mouth symmetry and more…
Also i changed a chewing side and moved my habit of holding the phone to another hand – It’s all about habits


After my second child, I could get back my body shape in a good balance. However, the face has kept the tired look gained after all the sleepless night with kids and I just can’t seem to improve it. No facial masks or expensive serums have helped me gain the desired result.  Sure the skin itself looks healthier and more glowing after treating, but the result is not lasting. I know I am loving and energetic, but as soon as I don’t smile, I look miserable, because of drooping mouth corners.

It took me only 3 month of intensive 10 min daily face yoga workouts to get these results as in pictures. No more wrinkled forehead, slimmer cheeks, total face lift up, better posture, no more nasolabial lines “smile lines”, more eyes wide open! I made it as my routine, just like a habit of making sure your hair looks good every time you pass some shop-window. I added specific pose at any time of the day and it really works!


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Questions and concerns/ Frequently asked questions

    We all know that we have to work out in order to be fit, healthy and feel energized. But what about our face? There are more than 40 muscles on our face and most of them are not used. During the process of aging, our face muscles soon start to sag and lose volume. That’s why we start seeing wrinkles, double chin, or feel like our face is tired and drained. Face workout is pure physics. When we start training our face muscles, we lift them up, tone them and give them volume. The skin always follows the muscles. So, if the muscles are in their place, the skin stops sagging and wrinkling. In addition, improved circulation helps with elastin and collagen production and makes our skin glow. And remember – muscles have a very good memory, and we can improve it by doing Simple Face Yoga on daily basis!


    Absolutely not! If there’s a will, there’s a way! You can achieve results with Simple Face Yoga regardless of your age and gender.


    We all are different. Some people see the results even after one practice! However, most people will see the results after 2 weeks of consistent practice ( see our clients ‘Before/After’ stories). Please note that measuring facial changes is very different from measuring body changes which are easy to track with scales and other measuring devices. The results on face are much more subtle and appear slowly over time. For this reason, I highly recommend taking Before/After photos as required in registration form, to keep yourself motivated. One of my clients practiced some of the SFY poses during her restroom visits. After only 6 weeks, her relative, whom she hadn’t seen for years noticed that she hadn’t aged and looked exactly the same as in university graduation. , Her relative wanted to know what she did to maintain her youthful look. The secret was Simple Face Yoga!


    For the best results, I highly recommend doing all the daily poses according to weekly schedule. However, if you have a specific concern regarding your facial looks, you can practice specific poses for your problem areas. Once you form the habit of practicing Simple Face Yoga, you’ll notice it’s kind of like washing your hands several times a day. And if you skip it, you’ll most likely feel uncomfortable – as if you haven’t done what is best for you. To achieve great results, do a daily workout regularly instead of occasionally doing all weekly schedule poses in one workout. Frequency is the key here! In other words, in the same way that you wouldn’t have full cardio + stretching exercises for few hours just on Mondays and forget about it for the rest of the week, you want to make sure to do shorter, daily workout sessions instead. Keep in mind, that results can be seen ONLY if you work out regularly.


    Personalization is based on your face form type that is analysed by filling out our test. Face gravitation starts the day we are born and it’s natural. If we know what your face form type is and where your weakest face areas are, we will be able to offer you professionally structured program for your needs, so you are going to be able to achieve the best possible results. In order to get to know your face form, you will have to fill our test first. Based on the results, we will guide you step by step through every exercise in order to tone, lift, sculpt and strengthen all your face muscles. In the end of 4-week challenge, when your face muscles are activated, toned and strengthened, we will give you an additional membership offer, where you can become a member of fantastic facial fit journey with new tricks and tips every week.


    When you enroll in a 4-week program, you will get a 5-week access. Our program gives an exclusive access to a 7-day plan briefly providing information on what to expect in the upcoming days, along with an additional video of that day’s workout plan. This means, more of new SFY poses and workouts every day. You will be able to know all of the 54 workout videos in this program and train your face muscles whenever and wherever you want to for 5 weeks.
    Another bonus is that you will be able to make your routine list of all the videos and tricks on your profile “My routine”, so that you can easily access those needed for your SFY daily routine training session. If, for some reason, you stop practicing Face Yoga exercises please know, that you can start anytime again as “My Routine” has a lifetime access. What is more: you won’t have to start everything all over again. Because of your muscle memory, they will activate as soon as you start doing the poses again. If you remember all the steps of each pose you can just keep up with the recap sheet or file to get back on track as quickly as you can.


    Your satisfaction is our main concern. We will do whatever it takes to help you achieve the best results possible and to keep you happy. The core of our service is to empower you to start training your face muscles and make Face Yoga Poses as a Simple routine. We have to remind you that results can only be seen if you practice regularly.
    But we totally understand, that sometimes things aren’t meant to be. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with our program in any way, we will gladly give you your money back within 14 days of your purchase.


    Our team is always available for you to answer all your questions regarding our Simple Face Yoga program or Face Yoga in general. If you have any technical issues (problems with accessing your videos) or any other concerns regarding the exercises, we will be happy to help you solve them. You can contact us via email: contact@simpefaceyoga.com or Facebook messenger.
    We are always trying to improve our service and Face Yoga program, so we will be more than glad to hear from you and to receive your feedback.


    Disclaimer-If you have any health problems, if you experience intense pain while doing the exercises or if you have any other concerns regarding your well-being, consult your physician before joining any of the Face Workout programs to determine whether it is recommended for you to take part in our programs. Do not start our programs if your physician advises against it. The Simple Face Yoga exercises are intended to be fully implemented and based on a combination of a diet and regular practice to get the best results, which may vary among individuals. Results may also vary depending on the level and regularity of practice.


    Intensive course takes 4 weeks, at the 5th week you have time to practice, practice, practice and schedule your individual Routine where you combine everything you’ve learned and practised. Then after comparing your photos, fill the result check list. By adding all of your favorite workouts to your profile “My routine” you will make your own individual unique Routine. Your profile section “My Routine” will turn into a spreadsheet with a lifetime access. If, for some reason, you stop practicing Simple Face Yoga exercises please know, that you can start anytime again. What is more: you won’t have to start everything all over again. Because of your muscle memory, they will activate as soon as you start doing the poses again. If you remember all the steps of the workout you can just keep up with the recap sheet or pdf file to get back on track as quickly as you can. In addition you will have full access to all of the lifestyle and section of recipes.

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