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Every day, we post a workout to tone & sculpt your beautiful face. Remember, you can make it work with your schedule ~ morning, afternoon, evening…whatever works best for YOU! And feel free to ad it to your daily routine or your favorite yoga, dance, or spin class!

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Forehead area

Forehead area has one of the biggest muscles of all face, so this is the one who start with..

Classic forehead warm up

Now you will find out how is it to warm up your forehead easily, improve blood circulation, relax your forehead and stimulate the hair growth. This workout sometimes helps even with little head ache!

Lets freeze your forehead and live without wrinkles on it

This one is perfect to say goodbye to your unwanted forehead area wrinkles called 11 lines. Try and use it daily, because you will train to do not move your forehead while opening the eyes.

Cool Down you forehead

Tapping is the most effective cool down ever seen. At first it could be uncomfortable, but please don't stop, you will find out how effective is this! So three main things ACTIVATE - WORKOUT - RELAX!

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