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Welcome to the Simple Face Yoga Workout!

Every day, we post a workout to tone & sculpt your beautiful face. Remember, you can make it work with your schedule ~ morning, afternoon, evening…whatever works best for YOU! And feel free to ad it to your daily routine or your favorite yoga, dance, or spin class!

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Picking yourself up in Sunday makes you 100% ready for Monday

There is always a pretty nice routines to do before start next day! As they say don’t leave it for tomorrow if you can catch it all up Today!

Pick myself up

Sometimes there is so intensive weeks and days that you literally fall down in to your bed and breath out so hard that your curtains start to move. I'm offering you a simple workout to breath and calm down and blow your thoughts away before your next journey.

Forehead tapping tripple system

Relaxes and centers you, reduces all of the expressions shown on your face. The best workout in a bed before sleep!

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