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It’s All about habits

It's all about habits

Have you ever seen your face and posture while you are using your phone? Let’s have one agreement..

Tips and tricks how to avoid double chin while using your phone

So this is it! Next time when you are using your phone ask your colleague or person next to you take a photo of your face and posture! Zoom it and take a critical look at your own face! Is it ok? Aren't you making double chin or "eleven lines" on your forehead? And how about your posture? Is it symmetrical, are shoulders really relaxed? Let's have some tips to avoid one of your bad habits..

Open your chest and freeze it.

Let's learn this workout and use it every time you use bathroom! It will correct your posture, tone the neck and Jawline area. Prevents and reduces a double chin. And definitely corrects body posture, especially upper body.

Reduce double chin and improve facial line

Add this tongue movement to body correction pose and reduce double chin and improve facial line as well.

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